Puppet Farm

Our Vision:
To improve the health of human communities and the Earth by teaching people the process of transforming waste materials into imaginative art.

The Puppet Farm facilitates acts of communal storytelling, through the teaching of art-making, theater, music and dance. Making multi-arts folk play together, that is engaging, collaborative, interactive and open-to-all is what the Puppet Farm is all about! We are actors, sculptors, painters, writers, dancers and singers, playing together to affirm what is important and vital to our communities. We bring people together to do something fun, beautiful and meaningful. We are resourceful and strive to harvest all of our material needs from the waste stream. We teach the gentle craft of transforming trash into imaginative art pieces that can be performed, including costumes, masks, puppets, floats and musical devices.

  • The Puppet Farm custom designs all of its educational and community programming, according to the unique needs and means of each of its sponsors.
  • Call us for a free consultation. We would love to help your community flourish!

Through our art we...

  • Teach respect for the environment and conservation of resources.
  • Confront social and political injustices.
  • Advocate for the imaginative and creative lives of children and youth.
  • Bring community members together in creative solidarity.
  • Foster artistic culture across our social landscape.
  • We make our art out of trash and recyclables!!
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Contact Information

Chris Lutter
Minneapolis, MN 55407
main: 612-695-6871
alternate: 612-721-1395

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